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Personal Forgiveness



Personal Forgiveness is fully releasing a person who is guilty of a sin from the punishment he deserves in light of the fact that Jesus Christ has already been punished in full for the guilty person’s sin.




God forgives people of the penalty for their sins because Jesus Christ has already suffered and paid the penalty for those sins through His execution on the Cross.


We can forgive the people who sin against us, and be free of our anger towards them, when we believe that Jesus Christ paid for their sins, too.


And we have a just and appropriate grounds to ask the people we sin against to forgive us because Jesus Christ has paid for our sins.



There are six basic steps to practicing Personal Forgiveness.  They follow God’s pattern of how He practices Personal Forgiveness.  The basic six steps are the same in all three paths of forgiveness with only slight modifications.



  1. Identify the sin and the person or persons responsible for it—see what God sees


  1. Feel the emotional reality of that sin together with God—feel what God feels


  1. Agree with God’s just condemnation of that sin—condemn what God condemns


  1. Embrace the execution of Jesus as the full and just payment for that sin—Accept what God accepts


  1. Communicate to the appropriate person

Ÿ         Receiving God’s forgiveness—talk with God

Ÿ         Forgiving others—talk with God

Ÿ         Asking others to forgive you—talk with the offended person


  1. Let real love flow

Ÿ         Let God love you

Ÿ         Love the person who sinned against you

Ÿ         Love the person you sinned against


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