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Relational Forgiveness



Relational Forgiveness is giving to a person who has sinned the very best opportunity to repent so that the negative consequences can be changed and loving relationships established.



God forgives (modifies) the consequences of sins when people repent of their sins.


In the same way, we are to forgive (modify) the consequences of other people’s sins when they become repentant.


In the same way, when we have sinned against another, we are to demonstrate true repentance and earn the privilege of trust so that they can forgive (modify) us of the consequences of our sin against them.


The goal of Relational Forgiveness is to bring about a truly loving relationship between persons where sin has caused damage and distrust.  The strategy is to help an unrepentant person to become truly repentant.



There are six principles to follow in order to practice Relational Forgiveness:


  1. Practice all three paths of Personal Forgiveness first


  1. Let the guilty person’s level of repentance guide the process


  1. Let real change verify authentic repentance


  1. Follow through with appropriate consequences


  1. Establish God- authorized boundaries


  1. Evaluate the process and adjust the consequences and boundaries as appropriate
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