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Soft Resources


“Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness” seminar—This basic seminar on biblical forgiveness is a ten-hour (usually Friday evening and all-day Saturday), comprehensive overview of biblical forgiveness.  It covers both Personal and Relational Forgiveness and how they apply to all three paths of forgiveness (receiving it from God, forgiving others and asking others to forgive us).  A seminar workbook is included.


“Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness 2” seminar—This one-day seminar is for people who have participated in a basic seminar and want to deepen their understanding and practice of forgiveness


Forgiveness Workshops—FM can design a variety of shorter workshops to fit you church’s needs.


“Life Transformation” seminar—God’s eternal purpose is to transform us into the likeness of His Son, Jesus.  This one-day seminar focuses on how to practice the six activities of life transformation.


“Unwrapping the Gift of Salvation” seminar—There are seven spheres in which God designed us to experience His life (body, soul, spirit, relationships, the physical Creation, spiritual realms and innocence).  Sin has damaged all seven of these areas.  This one-day seminar opens God’s gift of salvation by describing the seven spheres of life, how sin damages them and how God restores each of them through Jesus Christ.


Specialty Workshops—FM can provide custom workshops designed to meet the needs of a specific group of people such as, teenagers, married couples, those who have been divorced, those struggling with compulsive behaviors, those who have been severely wounded, etc.  FM can also provide workshops on a variety of biblical topics other than forgiveness and life transformation.


Retreat, Conference or Worship Service Speakers—Forgiveness Ministries can provide your church or group with a speaker for your program or event.


Leadership Training—FM can provide training and resources for churches or organizations that would like to become communities of forgiveness or develop life transformation ministries.


Leadership Consultation and Conflict Resolution—FM can provide effective counsel for churches dealing with the emotional and relational difficulties arising from past or present conflicts or moral failure among pastors, staff, elders, etc.


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Hard Resources


Study Book "Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness"--a 13-week personal and small group interactive book (250 pages)


CD Resources

Ÿ         Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness CD set (14 CDs)--soon to be released

Ÿ         An Introduction to Biblical Forgiveness—4 CD set



Ÿ         Booklets, brochures and articles

Ÿ         Sermon outlines

Ÿ         Reminder tools




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An Introduction to Biblical Forgiveness
This 4-CD set introduces the listener to our need to practice forgiveness, the two sides of biblical forgiveness and how to practice them.
Developing A Lifestyle of Forgiveness
This 13-week, interactive, personal and small group study book helps the reader learn what biblical forgiveness is and how to practice it. 250 pages.

Focus on Forgiveness brochures - set of 20
FREE! You may download and print this two-page brochure with the basics of biblical forgiveness or order sets of 20 from us. One free copy with every CD Set or Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness study book!
Forgiveness Coins - set of 25
A set of 25 1-1/2 inch wooden tokens designed to help you remember the two sides of biblical forgiveness. One free with every CD set or Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness study book!


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