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Forgiveness Ministries grew out of the pastoral ministry of Steve Diehl while he served at the Walnut Creek Friends Church, Walnut Creek, California.  His commitment to help people forgive those who had hurt them, as well as his own personal need to effectively forgive others, drove him to focus on biblical forgiveness.


Steve recognized that most of the models of forgiveness used in the Christian community at that time were contrary to the Apostle Paul’s statement in Ephesians 4:26:


Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger…”


Most models of forgiveness require extensive amounts of time (months and years) to adequately relieve hurting people of their anger.  Paul apparently knew of a forgiveness that could relieve a person’s anger in less than a day.  Steve committed himself to discovering that kind of forgiveness in the Bible.  As he did, he discovered much more.


The discovery of how to effectively forgive others triggered a chain reaction of other discoveries regarding forgiveness.  And he found that a more comprehensive model of biblical forgiveness was extremely effective and helpful to himself and the people he was counseling.


Steve organized the new picture of forgiveness into a sermon series, a Sunday School class, small group activities and finally into an weekend seminar.  The congregation was greatly impacted.  Not only were wounded people experiencing healing and broken relationships being restored, but people were experiencing breakthroughs in Christian growth and life-transformation.


The idea of Forgiveness Ministries was born in 2000.  Walnut Creek Friends Church incubated it until 2006 when Steve resigned from the pastorate to serve full-time with Forgiveness Ministries.  Steve and his wife Becky now travel extensively, speaking at churches, conferences and retreats, offering seminars and workshops on forgiveness and life-transformation.


Forgiveness Ministries continues to grow in scope and size, reaching more people with more resources every year. 


Forgiveness Ministries—Restoring lives and relationships through forgiveness

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