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An Invitation from God



God loves you, more than you can possible know.  His original plan was for you to experience nothing other than peace, joy, fulfillment, security, satisfaction, love—life!  But something God calls sin has invaded this world.  Sin causes us to love ourselves more than we love God or love other people.  Sin causes us to be selfish.  Sin damages and ultimately destroys everything it touches.  Like a disease, sin is inside of you.  Like a storm, sin is all around you.  And no matter how hard you try, you cannot save yourself from this problem of sin…but God can.  And God wants to save you from sin.  God saves people from sin through His Son, Jesus Christ.


“For God loved every person in the world so much that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him would not be destroyed, but experience the fullness of real life.”  John 3:16 (paraphrased)


Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sins through His execution.  God’s justice is satisfied.  God does not need to punish you.  But the consequences of your sins can still destroy you.  You still need to be saved from the consequences of your sins.  God saves people from the consequences of sins as they turn away from their sins, confessing them to God, and follow Jesus; the only one who can heal, cleanse and restore sin-damaged people back to God’s original, perfect design.


So here is the invitation.  God is offering you a new life, a healed life, a restored life—a life that is as good and pure and kind and honest and loving and powerful as the life of Jesus.  He wants to transform you from the inside out until you look just like Jesus.  The question is, “Do you want to be just like Jesus?”


God will not force His way into your life.  He waits for people to respond to His invitation.  He waits for people to give Him permission to change their lives.  You can do this right now by praying a prayer something like the following:



"God, I need you.  I have sinned against you and against others in many ways.  And other people have sinned against me.  I am a wounded and broken person.  I need you to heal me and make me whole.  I need you to change my life, to give me life.  Thank you, Jesus, for dying for me and for paying the penalty for my sins.  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for forgiving me and accepting me.  Thank you for loving me!  I now want to be just like Jesus.  I hear that you are willing and able to do this.  I am believing that you can do this in my life.  Please show me how to follow Jesus so that You can make me just like Him.  Amen."


If you are serious about wanting to be like Jesus, you will need to take action and move in that direction.  You need to learn more about Him and start to develop a relationship with Him.  God has given us the Bible and other Christians to help us on this journey.  If you are not already in a good church that focuses on Jesus and relies upon the Bible, you will need to find one.


If you would like us to help you get started in your new relationship with Jesus, please contact us and we will send you some helpful information.  We look forward to sharing with you and helping you on your way.


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