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About our Seminars and Workshops



Our seminars focus on God’s definition of and basis for forgiveness.


Forgiveness is God-designed and God-engineered. While there is a pale, secular counterpart, the kind of forgiveness that releases the fullness of God’s life and power is entirely based upon how God Himself practices forgiveness.  Our workshops present all aspects of forgiveness within this biblical framework.




Our seminars are clear and insightful.


Forgiveness is best experienced when it is best understood.  For this reason our seminars and workshops are filled with word pictures, illustrations, stories and diagrams to clarify biblical truths.  Most people who participate in one of our seminars or workshops express deep appreciation for the new insights they gained.




Our seminar leaders are emotionally sensitive.


Forgiveness is God’s solution to a problem he calls sin.  Sins generate intensely painful emotions (i.e. guilt, hurt, anger, fear, shame, depression, etc.).  Our workshop leaders recognize this and carefully balance truth with emotional sensitivity and security.  The important role of emotions in practicing forgiveness is also explained so that people can receive God’s love, comfort and validation.  Participants are given opportunities to engage their personal and private emotions without being required to reveal them to others in the workshop.




Our seminars are practical.


Forgiveness is something that must first be understood.  However, just as physical health is attained through the practice of healthy eating and appropriate exercise, the benefits of forgiveness are also experienced when people learn how to practice it daily.  The emphasis in our seminars is first discovery and then practice.  Each participant receives a 50 page workbook that serves as a notebook during the seminar as well as a follow-up guide.  Participants also have opportunities to obtain additional resources for further progress.




Our seminars are comprehensive.


Biblical forgiveness is like a coin, which has two sides.  One side of forgiveness addresses the problem of the penalty for sins.  The other side of forgiveness addresses the problem of the consequences of sins.  Also, both sides of forgiveness need to be properly applied to all three paths of forgiveness:

Ÿ         Receiving God’s forgiveness

Ÿ         Forgiving others

Ÿ         Asking others to forgive us

Practicing these three paths of forgiveness then allows us to overcome self-condemnation and resolve our anger towards God.  Our forgiveness seminars present a complete package of biblical forgiveness.




Our workshops are effective.


Participants tell us that through the seminar they came to see and experience forgiveness in a whole new way.  Many are dramatically changed just through the seminar.




Our seminars present practicing forgiveness as a lifestyle.


Our seminars do not present forgiveness as a technique or a method to be occasionally used by desperate people.  Rather, forgiveness is presented as a way of thinking—a way of living every day towards all people.


Forgiveness Ministries—Restoring lives and relationships through forgiveness

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