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Personal Benefits of Practicing Forgiveness



People who develop a lifestyle of forgiveness can expect to experience the following personal benefits:


  • Reduction and/or elimination of excessive or inappropriate emotions (i.e. anger, fear, depression, guilt, shame, hurt, etc.)
  • An increase in the feelings of joy, peace, hope and security
  • A greater ability to feel God’s love
  • A greater ability to receive love from other people
  • Elimination of self-condemnation
  • The ability to love others (even our enemies)
  • An increased ability to hear God clearly and receive truth
  • An increased ability to make better decisions
  • Increased victory over persistent temptations
  • Increased victory over compulsive behaviors
  • The ability to be balanced, to rest and relax
  • The ability to set appropriate boundaries without feeling guilty
  • Deliverance from demonic influences
  • Better physical health (sometimes miraculous healing)
  • Increased ministry abilities and opportunities

Many of the benefits listed above cannot be achieved or experienced any other way except through the practice of forgiveness.


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