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Dear Steve and Becky,


God bless you both for creating the Developing a Lifestyle of Forgivenesss workbook!  I am just finishing the 13-week course here at the ****** Federal Satellite Prison Camp and have learned so much.  I have been able to forgive and start to repair my relationship with my father because of your book.  I have also learned so much through this study that has helped me to grow spiritually and emotionally.  My life has been changed for the better and I want to thank you for helping me do that.

                                                   Thank you both again!




Dear Steve and Becky,


Thank you for the huge gift and blessing you brought our group with your marriage and forgiveness seminar.  I know everyone was edified and some (even in our Christian group) were wooed to Christ as you presented the gospel.  I was alternately taking notes and cheering in my heart through the whole event!  God bless you for your sacrificial service to Him.






Dear Friends in Christ,


I attended the Forgiveness Seminar last evening at my church.  It was the most “light bulb” generating moment of my life!  I left the meeting profoundly changed.  I cannot express my gratitude to God for giving Steve this fabulous gift of Spirit-filled communication.  You must get this message out to as many as possible.  I’d love to see Steve on television are reach many more people at the same time.  If there is anything I can do to assist your most needed and enlightening ministry, please let me know.  I have never followed up by writing to anyone like this previously, but I was so touched.






Hi Steve,


I just wanted to take a minute or two and say Thank you once again for your time, your support and compassion and our willingness to enter other people’s pain (mine to be exact).  I so appreciate the truth that you have brought into my life…and the freedom I am enjoying as a result of finding the missing piece to my forgiveness puzzle.  I am looking forward to seeing you and Becky again.





Dear Steve,


Thank you for the really gifted, excellent way in which you lead our process over the weekend.  Thank you so much for your centered, grace-filled, open, strong, confident, comfortable way in which you lead us.  Beautiful job.



                                                                                    Pastor Laurie



Dear Steve,


We wanted to tell you how thankful and how much we appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this very important message of forgiveness!  Pat and I both came away very impacted and have never (in 20+ years of being saved) been to a seminar that had such impart and left us with so much.  We pray for you and the very important message you have been given.


                                                                                    In Christ,

                                                                                    Patti and Pat



Mr. Diehl,


Thanks so much for sending the workbook.  I can’t tell you how much your ministry has already meant to me, and how much the working of the message has done inside me.  There isn’t much more exciting to me than perceptible change in my heart and mind.  Thanks again.  Be blessed.





Hello Steve,


I just want to write in response to a forgiveness seminar I had the privilege of attending.  This is a ministry that is so badly needed in the body of Christ.  It is needed because there are so many people in bondage to unforgiveness.  This seminar will help so many people become free.  They will be able to love each other better and grow closer to the Lord.  I myself learned what forgiveness is and what it is not.  I also found out that I have a lot of work to do in my own life.  Thank you, Steve, for letting God use you in this way.


                                                                                    Together in Him,

                                                                                    Pastor Derrick



Dear Rev. Diehl,


Greetings in Jesus’ wonderful name!  Thank you very much for sending me the CDs and workbook about practicing forgiveness.  This has been a great help to me.  I am planning to teach this lesson to the members of my church.  I praise and thank God for the opportunity that I was able to attend your seminar.  I learned many things about forgiveness.  People in the church have problems about relationships and many are hurting.  This is a timely subject to share with them.  Again, I express my heartfelt gratitude for sending me your valuable materials.  May God bless you and your fruitful ministry.



                                                                                    Mely (missionary)



Dear Steve and Becky,


I want to thank you and let you know how much I got from the Forgiveness seminar.  It is amazing to me how much I didn’t understand about sin and forgiveness.  In the middle of the seminar I asked my husband, “Do you think everybody at our church knows this except us?”  He responded, “No, I don’t think many people understand this at all.”  Aside from all that, I want you to know how much closer to God I have felt since your course.  It’s hard to say where this will lead, but I am happy to feel God’s presence in my life again.  I am grateful for your ministry and the fact we took one little day which turned out to have one big impact on our lives.


                                                           With love and prayers for your ministry,




Dear Steve,


I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am writing to thank you for coming to Patten University.  You were such a blessing to all of us.  People are still talking about “finding the treasure.”  That was a life-changing message.  I am in the process of setting the dates for Spiritual Emphasis Week.  I look forward to your being our speaker that week.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and prosper your ministry.  I appreciate the way that you divide the Word of Truth.  It really inspires people to “step outside the box” and truly grasp the meaning of want God is saying to us.  Once again, thank you for all aht you do and all of the lives that you touch for His glory.


                                                              In His Service,


                                                              Director of Student Activities

                                                              Patten University



Hello Steve,


I hardly know where to start, Steve.  My husband and I were just blown away with all hat we learned in your seminar on forgiveness.  I know that I will never look at another human being the same.  I had know idea that God would be showing up in such a big way for us.  No where on my calendar did I have written, “Meet with God, change entire way of looking at life, crack open heart, mind and way of thinking about forgiveness and become a new creature.”  You have received an amazing anointing to preach the Good News.







“I am so thankful our church invited Steve Diehl to lead us through Healing For Wounded Lives.  This teaching time speaks truth and wholeness to anyone who is willing to seek Christ’s call toward true discipleship.  As a pastor it has been a joy for me to listen to so many of our members explain how freeing and healing this workshop experience has been for them.  Steve’s thoughtful and heart felt teaching helped all of us to realize more fully the depth and breadth of God’s forgiveness to us.  What I appreciate the most about this weekend is the potential and challenge we feel for continued growth and application in our daily lives.  More than 50% of those who attended Healing For Wounded Lives at our church have now started to meet weekly in follow up small groups.  Most of these people were not previously involved in our church’s small group programs.”


Pastor Ken

Meridian, ID



Dear Steve and Becky,


Growing up in an Asian heritage, forgiveness is a foreign concept.  Through the seminar with Forgiveness Ministries, I realized that it is a concept that many with a Christian heritage has taken for granted.  Forgiveness and even just the willingness to ask for the strength to forgive has been a foundation of healing in my life.  Understanding the truth of what forgiveness really is and is not has given me freedom from allowing the past to stop hurting me and also freeing me to be able to mature and grow into experiencing abundant life.





Hi Steve and Becky,


When I attended my first Forgiveness seminar, I had no idea how I was going to forgive my brother.  His absence from our family was always on my mind, and I had mixed feelings about him.  I thought I loved him, but hated his behavior (his lack of interest in his own daughter and his family in general).   I was hoping to find a quick “fix” in this seminar, but I found so much more.  I learned how to transform my anger and resentment into love.  At first, it was very hard to admit how much he had hurt me.  When I went through the seminar and workbook (and it took more than once) I found peace and love in my heart that replaced my turmoil.  I don’t want revenge.  I want love for my brother.


                                                                                    In His love,





Hi There Steve and Becky,


We met at the BASS Conference last weekend.  My husband (Fred) and I participated in your workshops.  WOW!  I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the depth of real forgiveness.  What I thought was so difficult, and probably not even possible ended up being very simple and straight forward.  Your approach at helping people to understand the process of forgiving is unique to anything I have ever learned in the past.  Yet, it is completely grounded in God’s Word.  I wonder why I never saw it before this.


My prayer is that you will be able to travel across the nation to many churches to share this with other hurting people.  Your workshop is an avenue to complete freedom from misery.  As well as helping us to see through the eyes of Christ the true forgiveness.  Thanks for helping me to see that Christ not only forgave me, but His forgiveness is for everyone.  Even for the person who hurt me so deeply.  I needed to know that.


God will surely be in the midst of this ministry.  What a better way to show (or remind) all of us that He loves ALL of us.  And He died for ALL of us.  You must get the word out.


Thanks again, it was my pleasure to spend time with both of you.


For Him Alone,

Chris Galten


Dear Becky and Steve,


My wife and I have been married for 23 years, we have gone to counseling on and off for some time.  Both of us have taken a 2 year lay pastoral counseling program and counseled couples for years in a previous church.  With that background you would think we would have a (near) perfect marriage, we don't.


Both my wife and I come from dysfunctional (Christians have called it sinful before the secular community came up with this less hurtful name) families so we had a lot to deal with.

Your seminar helped me more fully grasp the depth of forgiveness and how I was only going so far in my marriage.  A couple of key elements for me were:


1.  If Christ could forgive those who were about to crucify Him how could I not forgive my wife.   This process was difficult for me because all my life I have held anger and hurt against people.  Satan used this to stop me from forgiving and restoring our love.  What I came to understand as I worked with this process was that we had forgiven each other (most of the time) and moved on eventually.  Part of Satan's job was to keep us mired in unforgiveness as long as he could.  Forgiving each other quicker restored our love quicker and Satan had no foothold.  I found that by restoring our love with forgiveness it helped our marriage to be restored to normalcy quicker.


2.  The process takes time and we needed to talk about it together.  It is somewhat complicated and by us talking about it we were encouraged and wanted to keep learning the process and using it to help our marriage.


3. It wasn't long before I was using the process with others and my children.  The wonderful part of working through the process with your children is that they learned part of the forgiveness concepts by seeing me work things out with them.


The forgiveness is an important piece of a complicate union called marriage.  Seeing the concepts from the seminar work in our marriage and family is encouraging and makes me want to keep working on my marriage.


Regards Pat White


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