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Church and Organizational Benefits



The quality of a church’s ministry is directly related to the inner health of the people within that church community.  People who are more like Jesus inwardly act more like Jesus outwardly.  People who develop a lifestyle of forgiveness become more like Jesus more quickly and more deeply than those who do not practice forgiveness.


Churches that effectively help their people to develop a lifestyle of forgiveness become communities of forgiveness.  Communities of forgiveness experience:



  • Deep and sincere fellowship
  • Less infighting, more cooperation
  • Quick recovery from conflict and misunderstandings
  • Recovery from a history of conflict, abuse and/or failure
  • More and better ministry volunteers
  • More effective ministry teams and programs through relational synergy
  • More enthusiasm and excitement for God
  • A better testimony for Jesus in the world
  • Greater opportunity for people to see the love of Jesus expressed through His followers
  • More people coming into the Kingdom of God through faith in Christ
  • More opportunities to act as peacemakers in the world
  • Greater worship, honor and praise to God for what He has done for us through Christ


Forgiveness Ministries—Restoring lives and relationships through forgiveness

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