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Practicing all aspects of authentic forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful tool God has given to human beings for healing, freedom and restoration.  It is perhaps for this reason that God also made the practice of forgiveness entirely dependent upon the one who wants to experience it.  God has already done everything necessary for you to be able to practice forgiveness.  You can experience the healing and freedom of forgiveness without anyone else’s cooperation!  Your life, your future is in your hands!  No one can stop you from practicing forgiveness.


However, most people do not want to move towards forgiveness because the reasons that cause our need to practice forgiveness touch the most sensitive parts of our lives; they touch our feelings of:


Ÿ         Guilt

Ÿ         Fear

Ÿ         Hurt

Ÿ         Anger

Ÿ         Depression

Ÿ         Shame

Ÿ         Rejection

Ÿ         Inadequacy


Most people learn how to get by without practicing forgiveness. 


We have all have developed coping mechanisms; substitutes for real forgiveness.  Unfortunately, this just prolongs the problem and turns people and relationships into ticking time bombs.  Practicing forgiveness is our only hope for healing, freedom and restoration.


People who don’t practice forgiveness are living in a jail cell…even though God has thrown the door wide open.  Learn how to develop a lifestyle of forgiveness so that God can heal you and set you free.  Forgiveness Ministries has several resources to help you learn how to do this.


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