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Forgiveness for Churches and Organizations



A wise and prudent church or organization will do everything possible to promote healing in and healthy relationships among its members.  It just makes sense.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Churches and organizations are made up of people—wounded people.  All people have been wounded and damaged by sins; by their own sins and by the sins of others against them.


Education, skills, talents, experience and spiritual gifting may allow a wounded person     to function better than he or she would otherwise, but these things are not substitutes for the kind of inner healing that all people need.  Healthy people function better than wounded people—in every way.  Practicing forgiveness is how God heals and strengthens people.  Practicing forgiveness is also a necessary part of restoring broken relationships and creating trust.


Forgiveness Ministries has resources to help your people learn how to practice forgiveness well and to help your church or organization become a true community of forgiveness.



Forgiveness Ministries—Restoring lives and relationships through forgiveness

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